iSOCO has initiated the implementation of the supplier portal for Bodegas Torres. The wine-producing company, aware of the importance of the optimum management of the supply markets, is strategically developing its purchasing function.

Bodegas Torres has decided to implement a supplier portal in which the registration and validation process is automated, and tariffs and negotiations are managed online.

One of the solutions implemented is iProvider, which manages supplier information in order to generate and grasp know-how about the supply market, as well as optimising standardisation procedures. The supplier portal developed by iSOCO permits the simultaneous interaction between the different agents involved in the process, speeding up the procedure and cooperation.

This solution is supplemented by iQuotes, an electronic negotiation solution which supports the negotiation process throughout each stage; from needs analysis to closure. This uses online strategies such as iSOCO’s combinatorial auction and exclusive solution. Amongst other benefits, electronic negotiation improves the competitive position by managing a greater number of suppliers and tenders, reduces the time required for the negotiation process and increases transparency and efficiency between the relationships.


Supplier Portal for Bodegas Torres

iSOCO has implemented the same suite of solutions in companies such as Deoleo, Laboratorios Almirall and Caprabo, where the effectiveness of the iQuotes Suite® solutions has been demonstrated.

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