The efficient management of the Purchasing Function is a key element in terms of providing companies with the competitive edge. With this in mind, the eighteenth eSourcing Forum, which on this occasion was held at ESADECREAPOLIS, has revealed the key points which highlight how the management of purchasing can be turned into a competitive advantage.

The purchasing function innovation forum has benefited from the experience of ESADE’s Professor of Economics Agustín Ulied, who has analysed some of the channels in order to tackle the current economic context. The recipe, according to Ulied, includes a defined investment in innovation, the search for maximum efficiency in management and the optimising of costs.

Recognising the influence of efficiently managing relationships with supply markets in the global results of a multinational, Abertis has designed a simple and homogeneous purchasing process, which can be implemented in a simple and flexible way into all Business Units of the Group. The Director of Purchasing and General Services of the company, Josep Maria Gómez, was one of the guests at this new eSourcing Forum. He put forward a model implemented at Abertis, the objective of which was “How to eliminate the multiplication of efforts and speed up the contracting procedure”.

The international group presented the purchasing platform developed by iSOCO using iQuotes Suite®, technology, aimed at facilitating access by a wide range of companies. It comprises an integrated system with zero usage costs, eliminating potential technological barriers of entry for suppliers.


The adviser for Grupo Leche Pascual, César Bardají, has highlighted the importance of the Purchasing department as an ally in achieving the business plan. He also defends the concept that integrated management of procurement improves results. In his opinion, “the Purchasing Manager must lead the department, be a good advisor to the CEO and favour coordination with the management team”.

During the event, the iSOCO Sourcing Transformation Director, Lucía Adrover, submitted the results of the survey on the degree of application of purchasing models based on management per category, and highlighted the benefits of this methodology. “Organisations with management by category provide 3 additional points of productivity annually”.


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