abertis, a leader in transport and communications infrastructure management, has been benefiting since July this year from a provider portal, through which it channels its provider negotiation processes. The portal is based on the iQuotes Suite® iQuotes and XDocs modules.

In the short period of time since the portal was launched, a large number of negotiations have already been carried out with excellent results, not just in terms of savings on procurement prices but, above all, from the substantial reduction in the time required for each negotiation process. This demonstrates that implementing an electronic negotiation portal, in addition to improving efficiency and knowledge management, offers a high return on investment.

The introduction of this portal is part of the purchasing function transformation process that has led abertis to make changes to its organisation, processes and systems with the aim of centralising procurement in certain strategic categories and ensuring compliance with policies and processes for categories that they continue to manage in a decentralised fashion.

In 2009, the abertis management decided to strengthen the strategic position of the group’s purchasing function and achieve excellence in purchasing management with a process that encourages competition between providers.


abertis provider portal

That was when the company identified the need for a provider portal that would enable abertis to position itself within the supply markets, with an electronic negotiation solution that would allow synergies between the group’s subsidiaries to flourish. The solution enables abertis to strengthen its commitment to:

  • Transparency in purchasing processes and procurement of goods and services
  • Promoting a stable and reliable relationship with providers
  • Respecting the environment (minimising the use of paper)

The deployment of the solution internationally, integration with management systems and the functional growth of the portal are some of the challenges for 2013. iCategory, a solution that supports the category management methodology, could become the next iQuotes Suite® module to be added to the abertis portal.

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