Industrias Titan –leading national company founded in 1917 and specialized in the manufacture of paints, enamels, varnishes, powder and products for fine arts and crafts, internationally oriented and six production plants in Spain, one in Portugal and another Morocco– has begun the process of transforming their Purchase function, implementing a Supplier Portal with xDocs and iFulfillment solutions.

Aware of the influence of an efficient management of supplier relationships in the overall results, the management of the company has taken a step forward, improving the process efficiency, optimize relationships and increasing productivity by implementation of several iQuotes Suite ®’s modules.

iFulfillment solution is integrated with the ERP system of the company, supports the provisioning process, managing interactive buyer-supplier communication from issuing orders and possible modification to the receipt of invoices. Thus, levels of service providers are improved, which is an impact on the optimal organization of industrial planning and stock levels.

xDocs, which allows the exchange of information between buyers and suppliers, will be the main repository of communications with suppliers. In addition to promoting a more fluid and structured communication, defining different roles and profiles will allow to centralize in one space all information related to the procurement markets knowledge, whether information is public or private interest.

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