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  • ACTIVE – Knowledge-Powered Enterprise


  • Knowledge workers are central to an organisation’s success – yet the tools they must use often stand in the way of maximising their productivity. ACTIVE addresses the need for greater knowledge worker productivity with three integrated research themes: easier sharing of information through a combination of formal techniques based on ontologies and informal techniques based on user tags – so-called folksonomies; sharing and reusing informal knowledge processes – by learning those knowledge processes from the user’s behaviour; and understanding the user’s context – so as to tailor the information presented to the user to fit the current task. The results of ACTIVE are relevant to all knowledge work; they are being validated in the domains of consultancy, telecommunications and engineering.
  • ACTIVE aims to increase the productivity of knowledge workers in a pro-active, contextualised, yet easy and unobtrusive way. The aim is to convert tacit and unshared knowledge – the "hidden intelligence" of enterprises – into transferable, interoperable and actionable knowledge to support seamless collaboration and to enable problem solving. A key aspect will be the support for informal procedural knowledge - the informal collaboration and problem-solving tasks that drive much knowledge work in the enterprise.
  • ACTIVE will integrate into highly innovative application systems, concepts, methods and tools.

Paquetes de trabajo en donde participa iSOCO

  • WP2 – Context and Knowledge Process Mining
  • WP3 – Pro-active Knowledge Processes Support
  • WP4 – Cost, benefits, and incentives
  • WP5 – Knowledge Workspace
  • WP6 – Integration
  • WP11 – Exploitation and dissemination (liderado por iSOCO)


  • Carlos Ruiz (
  • Jesús Contreras (

Áreas relacionadas

  • Social Software and Web 2.0
  • Semantic Technologies
  • Context Mining, Context Modelling, and Context Sensitive Task Management
  • Knowledge Process Mining, Knowledge Process Modelling and Pro-Active Knowledge Process Support

Redes sociales Active

  • Tipo de proyecto

    Integrating Project (IP), European Seventh Framework Programme, (Programa Marco, Comisión Europea)

  • Presupuesto

    12 millones de €

  • Duración

    2008 – 2011

  • Entidades financiadoras

    European Commission, Call 3

  • Coordinador del proyecto

    British Telecommunications

  • Entidades participantes

    • British Telecommunications - BT
    • AIFB at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    • iSOCO
    • Jozef Stefan Institute
    • Innsbruck University - STI
    • Accenture
    • Cadence
    • Eurescom
    • Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung
    • Hermes Softlab
    • Kea-pro
    • European Microsoft Innovation Center

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